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A Guide to the I Ching

by Carol K. Anthony

"A Guide to the I Ching" is an interpretive manual to the classic Wilhelm/Baynes translation of the I Ching. Now a classic in its own right and translated into other languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, and Italian), the "Guide" is recognized by teachers and long time students of the I Ching as indispensable to its understanding and use. Developed from notes taken over many years, the Guide mirrors the reader's true inner feelings, helping him to bring his life and fate into harmony with the Tao — the way of the Universe.

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Jimmy Chin
Photographer, Filmmaker and Mountaineer

And the other one is this book called The Guide to the I Ching, by Carol Anthony, which was given to me as a freshman by one of my comparative religion teachers. I've pretty much traveled with that thing since; I've had a copy with me somewhere. It’s just an interesting perspective.