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At Play in the Fields of the Lord

by Peter Matthiessen

In a malarial outpost in the South American rain forest, two misplaced gringos converge and clash in this novel from the National Book Award-winning author. Martin Quarrier has come to convert the elusive Niaruna Indians to his brand of Christianity. Lewis Moon, a stateless mercenary who is himself part Indian, has come to kill them on the behalf of the local comandante. Out of this struggle Peter Matthiessen creates an electrifying moral thriller—adapted into a movie starring John Lithgow, Kathy Bates, and Tom Waits. A novel of Conradian richness, At Play in the Fields of the Lord explores both the varieties of spiritual experience and the politics of cultural genocide.

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Sebastian Junger
Journalist, Author, and Filmmaker

At Play in the Fields of the Lord by Peter Matthiessen. It takes place in the jungles of South America. And it’s about a Sioux Indian named Louis Moon who grew up on a reservation in the 1970’s. And he goes down to Brazil to meet what he considers is forbearers, and it doesn’t go very well.