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Au Contraire

Figuring Out the French

by Gilles Asselin, Ruth Mastron

The French are famously enigmatic: fiercely independent yet deeply romantic,conservative yet avant-garde, rational yet emotional. What is it, exactly, that makes the French so . . . French?

Written for anyone interacting with the French-tourists, businesspeople, international students, Francophiles-Au Contraire! offers a perceptive understanding of French cultural beliefs, assumptions and attitudes, along with practical advice on building strong personal and professional relationships with the French. Addressing issues like friendship, politics, work, education and romance, bilingual and bi cultural authors Asselin and Mastron draw upon their own experiences as consultants and trainers, as well as those of students and professionals, giving readers a complete-and compelling-look at French culture.

This revised edition of Au Contraire! includes updated information about France's changing social and political climate, advice for succeeding as an expat, information about the French educational system, overviews of France's diverse regions-and more.

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Derek Sivers

But, actually, an even better book I’ve found since then, on describing the mindset of a country, is called Au Contraire: Figuring Out the French. It is so deep! It explains the mindset so well. I wish there was a book like this about every country.