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Cultural Amnesia

Necessary Memories from History and the Arts

by Clive James

This international bestseller is an encyclopedic A-Z masterpiece—the perfect introduction to the very core of Western humanism. Clive James rescues, or occasionally destroys, the careers of many of the greatest thinkers, humanists, musicians, artists, and philosophers of the twentieth century. Soaring to Montaigne-like heights, Cultural Amnesia is precisely the book to burnish these memories of a Western civilization that James fears is nearly lost.

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Frank Blake
Forman Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot

So, the book I tend to gift people has nothing to do with business. It’s a book by a writer called Clive James and it is called Cultural Amnesia. But, the book, to me, it’s interesting because it talks about how World War II and the guilt around World War II, particularly in Europe, infected all of the sort of liberal arts world and the unwillingness to actually face into the fact that there was more collaboration than people wanted to admit. And so, oftentimes, the people that were truly heroic are actually heavily criticized because the people who were less than heroic couldn’t stand the comparisons and you go through all of these different literary figures and you go, whoa, didn’t know that back story, that’s pretty interesting.