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Eden Project

In Search of the Magical Other

by James Hollis

"The author's challenge is compassionate and inspired. He wants us to succeed." -Psychological Perspectives A timely and thought-provoking corrective to the generalized fantasies about relationships that permeate Western culture. Here is a challenge to greater personal responsibility, a call for individual growth as opposed to seeking rescue through others.

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Categories: PhilosophyPsychology & Mental HealthRelationships, Parenting & Personal Development

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Neil Strauss
Author and Journalist

So one of James Hollis’s central ideas is, is that we have these two fantastic quests we go on in our lives. One is the fantasy of immortality, and the other one is the fantasy of the magical other. The latter is the heart of his other book that I love, which is The Eden Project. And let me get the subtitle here… The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other. Kind of like the Cheri Huber book, he just cuts to the core of it.