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Letters of Note

An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience

by Shaun Usher

This New York Times bestseller offers a unique glimpse of the events and people of history—the brightest and best, the most notorious, and the endearingly everyday. All 125 entries include a transcript of the letter; a short introduction; and, in 100 cases, a captivating facsimile of the letter itself. The artfulness of Shaun Usher's eclectic arrangement creates a reading experience rich in discovery. Colorfully illustrated with photographs, portraits, and artwork, Letters of Note is a visual treat. In this paperback edition, new readers will find delight and surprise with every page turn.

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Categories: Memoirs, Diaries & Correspondence

Reading time: 67 hours


Caterina Fake

There’s another really wonderful book that I’ve also given out to a lot of people called Letters of Note. And that is letters that have been collected throughout the ages.