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Meditation within Eternity

The Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy, Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth

by Eric Pepin

Meditation within Eternity is a journey into the heart of being spiritual in the modern world. Practical yet provocative, it pushes the limits of what spirituality is conceived to be, more than just relaxation and bits of Zen wisdom, it is the extraordinary yet invisible aspect of the universe we have forgotten how to touch, hear and see.

This guide offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy, a forgotten resource and why many fail to truly grow spiritually. It also solves the missing link to accessing higher consciousness. It is the natural magnetic sense, or sixth sense, each of us possesses. The universe, reality, is molded by magnetism. We have an organic body, and an electric one. This electric, energy body, is capable of tapping the electromagnetic nature of reality. Following simple techniques and practical advice you will learn how it is possible to tap into the source code of reality.

Meditation within Eternity provides practical, short meditation techniques for real spiritual growth. It serves a humble purpose – to give you the ability to experience spiritual awakening for yourself.

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Dorian Yates

I’ve read quite a lot of books from one guy on a spiritual level, which has helped me. His name is Eric Pepin, that’s P-E-P-I-N. The one to start with would probably be Handbook of the Navigator or Meditation Into Eternity. That’d probably be the best one. Either of those two. The meditation book is more, you know, teach you.