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Metaphors We Live By

by George Lakoff, Mark Johnson

The now-classic Metaphors We Live By changed our understanding of metaphor and its role in language and the mind. Metaphor, the authors explain, is a fundamental mechanism of mind, one that allows us to use what we know about our physical and social experience to provide understanding of countless other subjects. Because such metaphors structure our most basic understandings of our experience, they are "metaphors we live by"—metaphors that can shape our perceptions and actions without our ever noticing them.

In this updated edition of Lakoff and Johnson's influential book, the authors supply an afterword surveying how their theory of metaphor has developed within the cognitive sciences to become central to the contemporary understanding of how we think and how we express our thoughts in language.

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Matt Mullenweg

Going to go a little esoteric for this next one and talk about a book, which is a little more academic, which is by an author named George Lakoff and it’s called Metaphors We Live By. There’s definitely a writing theme here. So many people don’t know this, but a lot of how we talk is actually in metaphors. What this book breaks down is what these metaphors are. Many of which you probably use day-to-day without even realizing it and how you can change how you use metaphors to basically say what you’re trying to say and not negate what you’re trying to say.