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Mindless Eating

Why We Eat More Than We Think

by Brian Wansink

In this illuminating and groundbreaking new book, food psychologist Brian Wansink shows why you may not realize how much you're eating, what you're eating, or why you're even eating at all.

Brian Wansink is a Stanford Ph.D. and the director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. He's spent a lifetime studying what we don't notice: the hidden cues that determine how much and why people eat. Using ingenious, fun, and sometimes downright fiendishly clever experiments like the "bottomless soup bowl", Wansink takes us on a fascinating tour of the secret dynamics behind our dietary habits.

Mindless Eating will change the way you look at food, and it will give you the facts you need to easily make smarter, healthier, more mindful and enjoyable choices at the dinner table, in the supermarket, in restaurants, at the office, and even at a vending machine -- wherever you decide to satisfy your appetite.

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Ramit Sethi
Entrepreneur and Author

One is called Mindless Eating. It is amazing. It is a book about food, but it is actually about psychology and we all eat and we all think we know why we eat what we do. But the answer is most of us have no idea and if you can understand this, you can understand so many other parts of why you act the way you do. So, that is number one.