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Suffering Is Optional

Three Keys to Freedom and Joy

by Cheri Huber

Suffering Is Optional: Three Keys to Freedom and Joy centers around three basic aspects of Zen practice: pay attention, believe nothing, and don’t take anything personally. As ending suffering requires that one sees how suffering happens, the book urges readers to be willing to be quiet and pay attention to the process of suffering in effort to see each moment as an opportunity to step beyond illusion into freedom. It also argues that examining beliefs, abandoning them, and returning attention to the present is essential to ending suffering, as is living in the awareness that nothing in the universe is personal.

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Jane McGonigal
Game Designer and Researcher

So it’s by my favorite Buddhist teacher, Cheri Huber. I’m very inspired by Buddhist practices. I practice Zen Buddhism myself. I think that gameplay and Buddhist practice are both a way to arrive at a similar approach to life. That’s another good book.