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The Fear Book

Facing Fear Once and for All

by Cheri Huber

Rather than explaining typical strategies for overcoming fear, this book examines how fear is an experience, how to recognize that experience as nothing more than conditioned reaction to circumstance, and how to mentor oneself into letting go of beliefs about appropriate responses to fear. The notion is debunked that fear is anything other than a label we have learned to put on a set of physical and emotional responses, which is a Buddhist view of emotion in general. The revised edition expands on many points and includes a series of exercises and new illustrations for recognizing fear for what it is and overcoming its devastating effects.

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Neil Strauss
Author and Journalist

The Fear Book is so powerful because so many of us have a certain area where fear and doubt and uncertainty get in our way. The book walks you through the idea of how to embrace them and move beyond them, and often it’s very counterintuitive but so true. I highly recommend this for dealing with it.