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The Great Mental Models

General Thinking Concepts

by Shane Parrish, Rhiannon Beaubien

The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts is the first book in The Great Mental Models series designed to upgrade your thinking with the best, most useful and powerful tools so you always have the right one on hand.

This volume details nine of the most versatile, all-purpose mental models you can use right away to improve your decision making, productivity, and how clearly you see the world. You will discover what forces govern the universe and how to focus your efforts so you can harness them to your advantage, rather than fight with them or worse yet— ignore them.

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Matt Mullenweg

You’ve probably heard about mental models if you follow Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger at all. And I’ve had previously, there’s this great book called Poor Charlie’s Almanac, which was a collection of Charlie Munger speeches where he really laid out a lot of his, sort of very heterodox thinking, things that have made him very successful as half of the pair that’s been probably one of the most successful investors in history alongside Warren Buffet.

These speeches were not terribly accessible though. They had a lot of extraneous material. They were repetitive in some ways and the book itself was a little hard to access. So these Great Mental Models is a one if you can’t buy the hardcover, like it’s, it’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve actually interacted with in a long time. And if you’re able to build what they call this latticework of mental models, it can make you essentially approach all sorts of situations much faster or more effectively than you would if you were trying to figure out things from scratch every single time.