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The Handbook of the Navigator

by Eric Pepin

Get The Real Answers to Having Life-Changing Meditation Experiences With A Rapid Succession Of Awakenings, Which Lead To Profound Feelings Of Completeness Within Your Being In this book, you ll learn: The 14 fundamental reflections that tune your conscious into the frequency of the universe and set ablaze the burning fire of your spirit. The shocking truth about the simulated nature of reality that the general public is not ready for... Why mindfulness meditations may be causing you to lose out on the entire upper range of meditation potential. Discover why profound meditations are not just for cave-dwelling monks. The surprisingly simple meditation sequence for having Multi-Dimensional experiences in 7 days or less by meditating only 20 minutes per day (Guided audio session included). Learn to Explore your own innate but dormant higher senses (or rather the Sixth Sense). Peel back the layers of mental B.S. to reveal the divine spark within your heart and stoke the flames of your soul.How to recognize and listen to your spiritual instinct ( The Navigator ). How to unlock the full potential of your mind and leverage it to attain the lost powers of the ancient mystics. How to open your heart and receive the courage to trust your destiny and activate your enlightenment cycle. "My entire life I have sought out a rare and unique knowledge that would answer the ultimate questions to my spiritual search, only to find that everything fell short of that fulfillment. I have written this book to become that profound knowledge in its completion for those who search as I had once, long ago." - Eric Pepin

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Dorian Yates

I’ve read quite a lot of books from one guy on a spiritual level, which has helped me. His name is Eric Pepin, that’s P-E-P-I-N. The one to start with would probably be Handbook of the Navigator or Meditation Into Eternity. That’d probably be the best one. Either of those two. The meditation book is more, you know, teach you.