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The Promise of Sleep

A Pioneer in Sleep Medicine Explores the Vital Connection Between Health, Happiness, and a Good Night's Sleep

by William C. Dement, Christopher Vaughan

Healthful sleep has been empirically proven to be the single most important factor in predicting longevity, more influential than diet, exercise, or heredity. And yet we are a sleep-sick society, ignorant of the facts of sleep - and the price of sleep deprivation. Dr. William Dement, founder and director of the Stanford University Sleep Research Center, takes us on a fascinating tour of the sleeping body and mind, revealing the price we pay for ignoring sleep - an epidemic of heart disease, 33 percent of traffic-fatigue related accidents, and immeasurable mental and psychological disadvantages. Dr. Dement offers a hands-on prescription for vibrant good health and longevity, including: self-tests to determine how much sleep you really need; information on the role of prescription and over-the-counter sleeping aids; the latest research on how sleep affects the immune system; how to combat insomnia, snoring, jet-lag; and much more.

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Mike Birbiglia
Comedian, Actor and Filmmaker

So I give this book called The Promise of Sleep, and it was written by Dr. William C. Dement, who is the father of sleep medicine in this decade or even century. He makes a cameo in my movie, Sleepwalk With Me, as himself. But it’s a wonderful book. People often say to me, because of my sleep disorder, what should I do, I have insomnia, blah, blah, blah. I always say first of all, get this book and second of all the basic takeaway for starters is an hour or two before bed, turn off your phone, turn off your computer and I forget what the third one is.

But that’s the biggest thing. Think of sleep as something you don’t crash into but that you ease into, that you’re parking the car as opposed to crashing the car in the parking space.