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The Pursuit of Wow!

Every Person's Guide to Topsy-Turvy Times

by Tom Peters

Organized into more than 200 thought- and action-provoking elements—from the importance of clean trucks and bathrooms to conversations with entrepreneurs creating new markets—Tom Peters, bestselling management guru offers a practical guide to impractical times.

In The Pursuit of Wow!, Tom Peters offers readers the words, the tools, to survive in tumultuous business environments. In his groundbreaking book, In Search of Excellence changed the way business does business. Now it’s time to take the next leap into the cyberstage era. Getting to a place called excellence is no longer the idea. You’ve got to take that leap, then leap again—catapult their imaginations, blow their mindsets—in a word, wow! them.

Once more the unconventional Peters stimulates corporate thought processes. Along with the best of his columns, Peters includes questions and rebuttals that come from readers and listeners, as well as his own candid responses. A must-read for every business person.

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Seth Godin
Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer and Public Speaker

You don’t have to read many of the books I’ve written if you just read The Pursuit of Wow. What Tom is talking about in this book — and he’s not afraid to use exclamation points, underlines, bold, and the occasional illustration or photo — is that people who care can make a difference, and that business as usual just isn’t going to cut it anymore. As Tom Peters would say, “Make it excellent! Period.” Thank you, Tom, for showing me that putting energy into the work really can pay dividends.