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Timeless Flight

Definitive Biography of the Byrds

by Johnny Rogan

Biography of the Byrds.

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Tyler Cowen
Economist and Professor

The second book I’ll recommend is a book on management, except it’s not really a book about management at all. It’s something else. Let me explain. Well, I’m against most books on management. The worst way to learn management is to read a book on management. I recommend to people read a book on something you know about. So if you’re a football fan, read about Vince Lombardi or read Jerry Kramer’s Instant Replay. My favorite book on management is a book about the classic rock group, The Byrds, B-Y-R-D-S. It’s by Johnny Rogan. It’s called Timeless Flight. It’s hundreds of pages about how The Byrds split up and couldn’t work together, and it’s brilliant. It helps you understand small groups. I work in small groups a lot.