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How to Survive Our Faster Future

by Joichi Ito, Jeff Howe

Today, not only is everything digital getting faster, cheaper, and smaller at an exponential rate, we also have the Internet. When these two revolutions - one in technology and the other in communications - joined, an explosive force was unleashed that changed the very nature of innovation. And with any change, we have seen many strategic blunders and extraordinary learning curves along the way.

At last, in Whiplash, Joi Ito and Jeff Howe have distilled nine organizing principles for navigating and surviving this tumultuous period. These principles give us a roadmap on how to thrive no matter what industry we're in.

With Whiplash, two great thinkers tell us how to adapt and succeed in today's unpredictable marketplace.

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George Raveling
Sports Marketing Director

A dominant conversation in America is the future, the future. Get to the future first. What’s the future going to look like? I started to realize you need to understand more about the future and what it is and what the potential on.