Alexis Ohanian

Co-founder of Reddit

Alexis Ohanian is an American internet entrepreneur, author, and activist best known for co-founding Reddit. Besides founding Reddit, he also co-founded Breadpig, and a travel search engine Hipmunk, in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Most recently, he co-founded Initialized Capital, a venture capital firm, with Garry Tan.

Book Recommendations

Why We Sleep

by Matthew Walker

And really thanks to this book, I’ve started to understand just how damaging that was and lack of sleep is and just how important it is. Especially if you’re trying to do next-level-type work, how important it is to get rest and recovery. It may seem obvious to you, it definitely didn’t to me, but the recovery and rest is as, or more, important than the work one actually does. You don’t need to look much further than even professional athletes who have the most objectively hard and demanding sort of industries because there are winners and losers every day, and it’s all ranked and a fairly level playing field. And so we make up the wins and losses in business and the way we keep score, but in sport, it’s very objective and very clear, and so it should have been no surprise to me that sleep mattered because every one of the greatest athletes talk about the time that they spend recovering as being as important, or more so, than the time they spend at work.

Alexis Ohanian, source
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Masters of Doom

by David Kushner

It was just the right book at the right time, and I’ve gotten the chance to actually thank the author, David, for writing it because, really, Reddit would not exist if not for Masters of Doom. So there you go. It’s a great read, highly recommend it, and especially if you’re a gamer because these are the the forefathers of everything that we really know in gaming today.

Alexis Ohanian, source