Andrew Weil

Physician and Author

Andrew Weil, MD (/waɪl/, born June 8, 1942) is an American celebrity doctor who is a physician, author, spokesperson, and broadly described "guru" of the alternative medical brands: holistic health and integrative medicine, whose names also constitute an emerging brand of healthcare services and products in these fields.

Book Recommendations


by Robert A. Johnson

Another book that I’ve given out a lot recently is We by Robert Johnson, a Jungian psychoanalyst that’s subtitled The Psychology of Romantic Love. A very short, easily read book about the traps that people get themselves into in romantic relationships. That’s one that I like very much. Just because I see so many of my friends who are trapped in repetitive patterns with other people that are very unfulfilling. And We is all about how we project something onto another person, which really is inside us. And that totally fits with my ideas about drug highs and healing, that these are all within us, and we sometimes need something external on which to project our belief in order to experience what we want to experience.

Andrew Weil, source
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The Way Of Life According To Laotzu

by Lao Tzu, Witter Bynner

One is a translation of Lao Tzu by a man named Witter Bynner. It’s called The Way of Life According to Lao Tzu. It’s beautiful translations. And I find those verses which were the sole output of this philosopher to be remarkably right on.

Andrew Weil, source