Chip Conley

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

New York Times bestselling author Chip Conley is a rare entrepreneur who has disrupted his favorite industry...twice. At age 26, the founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality (JDV) took an inner city motel and turned it into the 2nd largest boutique hotel brand in America. Inspired by the work of famed psychologists Maslow and Frankl, Chip’s books, "PEAK" and "Emotional Equations," share his theories on transformation and meaning in business and life. His new book, "[email protected]: The Making of a Modern Elder," was inspired by his post-50-year-old experiences as both a mentor and unexpected intern at Airbnb.

Chip was CEO of his innovative company for 24 years and sold JDV in 2010. He accepted an invitation in 2013 from the young founders of Airbnb to help transform their promising home sharing start-up into what is today the world’s largest hospitality brand. In four years as Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, Chip taught his award-winning methods to hosts in close to 200 countries. Today he serves as the company's Strategic Advisor for Hospitality & Leadership. Chip also founded Fest300 to share his love of travel and festivals (now part of Everfest). And in January 2018, he founded Modern Elder Academy (MEA), the world's first "midlife wisdom school," where attendees learn how to repurpose a lifetime of experience for the modern workplace. MEA's beachfront campus is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Chip is a recipient of hospitality’s highest honor, the Pioneer Award, and was named the Most Innovative CEO in the San Francisco Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times. He is the founder of the Celebrity Pool Toss that supports families in the Tenderloin neighborhood where he opened his first hotel, and San Francisco’s Hotel Hero Awards. Chip holds a BA and MBA from Stanford University, and an honorary doctorate in psychology from Saybrook University. He serves on the board of the, and the advisory board for the Stanford Center for Longevity.

Book Recommendations

On the Shortness of Life

by Seneca

There’s a Seneca book about the short life. On the Shortness of Life. One of the things he says in that book is he says something about the fact that it’s not so much the shortness of life, it’s how we waste it. I think there’s something to that in terms of what percentage of your life is being spent wasted? Also, a longevity thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is imagine what age you’re going to live to and the online longevity sites say I’m going to live till I’m 98, then ask yourself how much of your adult life, if you start counting at age 18, is still ahead of you?

Chip Conley, source
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by Marcus Aurelius

Well, speaking of philosophical, thank you. Marcus Aurelius Meditations, I have given that away to a number of people.

Chip Conley, source

Setting the Table

by Danny Meyer

I also love Danny Meyer the restaurateur. He’s got one of the best books on hospitality ever written, which is called Setting the Table.

Chip Conley, source

The Happiness Curve

by Jonathan Rauch

The Happiness Curve, which we talked about earlier. The U-curve of happiness is what we call it. The name of the book is by Jonathan Rauch, it’s called The Happiness Curve. That’s become a favorite to gift.

Chip Conley, source

The 100-Year Life

by Lynda Gratton, Andrew Scott

The 100-Year Life, written by a couple Brits, and it sort of says, “Imagine the future where the average person lives to 100. How is that going to change on a personal and societal basis?” It’s a really interesting, observational book.

Chip Conley, source