Christopher Sommer

Gymnastics Coach

Christopher Sommer is a professional gymnastics instructor and long time US Jr National Team Coach with nearly 40 years experience and has coached numerous State, Regional and National Champions. He is the Men's Head Coach at Xtreme Gymnastics in Scottsdale, AZ.

Book Recommendations

Stranger in a Strange Land

by Robert A. Heinlein

I’m a big fan of Robert Heinlein, science fiction. [All of his work]. I come back to those over and over again, the theme of self reliance. I came from a really, really humble, modest family background. And so I think that instills a hunger and a work ethic. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually. It’s a little bit of a Charles Dickens theme there. It’s a frustration thing. Things weren’t where we wanted them to be or where I wanted them to be. And then, how big a price, how hard are you willing to work in order to change it?

Christopher Sommer, source
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The Obstacle Is the Way

by Ryan Holiday

One I’m enjoying right now, and I’m just getting into it, is The Obstacle is the Way.

Christopher Sommer, source