Eric Weinstein

Mathematician and Managing Director of Thiel Capital

Eric Ross Weinstein (born 1965 in Los Angeles) is the managing director of Thiel Capital, Peter Thiel's investment firm, since 2015. He and his brother Bret Weinstein coined the term Intellectual Dark Web to refer to an informal group of pundits.

Book Recommendations

Heraclitean Fire

by Erwin Chargaff

By Chargaff, who is the guy who effectively shorted Watson and Crick. He told Watson and Crick that he didn’t think that they were very good and very smart, and they didn’t know their chemistry. They weren’t qualified to work on DNA. And it turned out that they got it right and he got it wrong. And when I heard that there was somebody who bet against Watson and Crick, I thought, well, this is just gonna be the laugh of the century. But it turned out, just to short those guys required another genius. And he writes about trying to suppress these guys and failing because they were right and he was wrong. And he has enough presence of mind to struggle with it. So these are books that I think are incredibly powerful because they talk about what it’s like to be one against the many.

Eric Weinstein, source
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The Emperor of Scent

by Chandler Burr

Oh, so for my science friends, I tell them to read The Emperor of Scent, by Chandler Burr, about my friend Luke Tern. And it talks about a renegade scientist being stymied by the journal nature, by various conferences, by the established research centers, and it’s just a wonderful introduction to how the dissident voice is marginalized.

Eric Weinstein, source