Martin Gibala

Scientist, Author and Public Speaker

Martin Gibala is a professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. His main interest is the physiology of exercise, including the effects of training and nutrition and application to health and performance.

Book Recommendations

The Craft of Scientific Writing

by Michael Alley

I’m going to sound like a scientist here but one of the books that I’ve given out a lot is called The Craft of Scientific Writing.

The way you write scientifically is obviously different from other writing. If you want to write scientifically but in a compelling way for individuals to try and translate the science into the lay public, for example, that’s really what I try to do with The One Minute Workout is boil the science down, write it in a compelling and accessible manner.

That’s a real challenge, of course. It’s an art as much as it is a science. So, a book like The Craft of Scientific Writing helps provide some tips there because if you’re a scientist coming up, you’re constantly writing. You’re writing grants, you’re writing papers and you want to convince people with the point that you’re making. You don’t want to bore them and you want to do it in a compelling manner.

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