Martin Polanco

Clinical Doctor and Psychedelic Researcher

After a near-death experience at the tender age of 17, Dr. Martin Polanco MD, Program Director at one of the top Ibogaine treatment centers, knew he wanted a career that allowed him to help others. He initially steered his love of Biochemistry towards Ophthalmology with hopes of becoming an eye surgeon and helping others see.

Book Recommendations

Tryptamine Palace

by James Oroc

The other book would be Tryptamine Palace, which is fantastic because it looks at the 5-MeO experience from a Buddhist and a Hinduist perspective.

Martin Polanco, source
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Ibogaine Explained

by Peter Frank

I’ve given a lot of people a book called Ibogaine Explained, which is a very brief introduction to Ibogaine that is very accurate and scientific and just sound.

Martin Polanco, source