Matt Ridley

Journalist, Author and Businessman

Matthew White Ridley, 5th Viscount Ridley, DL FRSL FMedSci (born 7 February 1958) is a British journalist and businessman. He is best known for his writings on science, the environment, and economics. He has written several science books, including The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (1994), Genome (1999), The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves (2010) and The Evolution of Everything: How Ideas Emerge (2015). He publishes a blog and has been a regular contributor to The Times newspaper.

Book Recommendations

The Double Helix

by James D. Watson

“Watson’s “nonfiction novel” was an astonishing literary achievement, and it was about the greatest scientific discovery of the 20th century.”

Matt Ridley, Excerpt From: Timothy Ferriss. “Tribe of Mentors.”
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The Selfish Gene

by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins' “stranger-than-fiction” argument turned evolutionary biology on its head and was written like a great detective story.”

Matt Ridley, Excerpt From: Timothy Ferriss. “Tribe of Mentors.”