Nick Ganju


Nick Ganju is a Co-Founder of ZocDoc, Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Ganju was on the founding teams at Mixonic and eBoodle (acquired by BizRate/Scripps Networks). Prior to ZocDoc, he was Chief Technology Officer of CFX. Using technology to improve healthcare has been one of Mr. Ganju's passions since he was a teenager, when he helped his father setup the IT systems in his medical practice. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Columbia Business School in May 2008. When he's not busy building great products, he enjoys playing music.

Book Recommendations

How to Measure Anything

by Douglas W. Hubbard

So this book I found is quite informative on how to think about measuring things you might have thought were intangible historically.

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Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

by Steve Krug

For my software engineers, I love a book called Don't Make Me Think, which is a book about usability and making software and user interfaces that are friendly to people. It's an easy read, but it is a treatise on why we should make usable interfaces. Not just how we should make them, like what sort of user interface patterns work or don't work, but also why we should do that, and this is the reason.

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