Peter Diamandis

Engineer, Physician, and Entrepreneur

Peter Diamandis is an engineer, physician, and entrepreneur best known for being founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation, cofounder and executive chairman of Singularity University and coauthor of The New York Times bestsellers Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think and BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World. He is former CEO and cofounder of the Zero Gravity Corporation, cofounder and vice chairman of Space Adventures Ltd., founder and chairman of the Rocket Racing League, cofounder of the International Space University, cofounder of Planetary Resources, cofounder of Celularity, founder of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, vice chairman and cofounder of Human Longevity, Inc.

Book Recommendations

The Singularity is Near

by Ray Kurzweil

A book by my good friend Ray Kurzweil called The Singularity is Near, which was the basis for the foundation of Singularity University. It’s funny because all of these books, each of them, in turn, were so purposeful to me that they were the drivers for me starting many of my companies.

Peter Diamandis, source
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The Man Who Sold the Moon

by Robert A. Heinlein

The Man Who Sold the Moon, which is a science fiction book by Robert Heinlein. It talks about how this guy, D.D. Harriman commercializes the moon, and it’s just a brilliant 50-year-old vision that’s as relevant today

Peter Diamandis, source

Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

I love Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It’s something I’ve read multiple times to get me in the mindset of not letting anything stand in my way and really driven by passion.

Peter Diamandis, source

The Spirit of St. Louis

by Charles A. Lindbergh

There’s actually a few books that have changed my world that I’ve gifted. The first is reading The Spirit of St. Louis by Lindbergh, and the setting is his story of this epic adventure in 1927 of crossing the Atlantic and doing it for a $24,000.00 prize. I was amazed at this man’s determination and the way he thought about this and took the risk out and then made this epic journey.

Peter Diamandis, source