Rana el Kaliouby

CEO & Co-Founder of Affectiva

Rana El-Kaliouby, Ph.D (born 1978) is a contributor to facial expression recognition research and technology development, which is a subset of facial recognition designed to identify the emotion being expressed by the face. El-Kaliouby's research endeavoured to depart from the field's dependence on exaggerated caricature expressions created by actors in the laboratory, in favour of focusing on more subtle glances that people make in real situations.El-Kaliouby is currently the chief science officer of Affectiva, leading the company's Emotion Science team. Her team applies computer vision, machine learning and data science to leverage the company's facial emotion repository, which it says is the world's largest with 2 million faces, to understand people's feelings and behaviors.

Book Recommendations

The Namesake

by Jhumpa Lahiri

And I just read it on this flight back to Cairo. I’ll never forget this. I was just bawling. I was just crying. It just hit home in such a weird way because I think I was at this crossroad and it just like, it really hit home. And then I re-read it a few months ago and I cried just the same because I feel like, Oh my God, I’ve progressed, right? I’m in the suburbs, my kids are in school here. I think my kids are grappling with, and all of us, like me and my kids are grappling with, okay, how Egyptian are we? How American are we? And how do you bring the two together in a way that’s true to who we are? So I love that book. I highly recommend it. It’s amazing.

Rana el Kaliouby, source
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The Obstacle Is the Way

by Ryan Holiday

I’ve recently been gifting — I must have given this book to at least three or four people because I recently read it — The Obstacle is the Way. This idea that we all run into obstacles and we have a choice, we can just call it the end of the road or we just find a way to work through it or around it or on top of it or whatever. That’s just like really resonating with me right now. I’ve been gifting the book, even though I think the book’s a few years old now.

Rana el Kaliouby, source