Ryan Flaherty

Senior Director of Performance at Nike

Ryan has dedicated his time & career to understanding the common denominators of elite performance. His research & commitment has lead him to identify key factors of human performance, allowing him to work with many of the worlds best, such as: Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, & hundreds of other professional athletes.

Book Recommendations

The Slight Edge

by Jeff Olson

The premise of the book is – and, I give it to as many athletes as I possibly can – the tiny habits you do, the daily habits you do every day can lead to exponential life improvement down the road. So, it basically talks about forming habits before they form you, and what types of habits you want to form. So, whether it’s things which you talk about all the time – like journaling and nutrition –relationally, all those things that will help you lead a greater, fuller, happier life, making sure that you do those things and that you do them religiously every single day.

Over the course of time, like compounding interest, it will add up to something great down the road. It’s all about forming those habits. That’s something I work with my athletes on all the time because ultimately, they’ve all gotten to where they are, but what separates the great ones – the all-time athletes – from the good is the discipline and daily habits that they do every single day that make them who they are, and that’s what separates them from everybody else. They know who they are, they know that they can only do a few things really well, and they focus on those things, and without fail, they do them every single day.

Ryan Flaherty, source
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The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

I think The Alchemist is a big one. I’ve loved that book for a very long time.

Ryan Flaherty, source