Sanjayan Muttulingam

Conservation Scientist

M. Sanjayan is an American conservation scientist, writer and television news contributor, specializing in the role of nature in preserving and enhancing human life. He is referred to as Sanjayan, using one name as is sometimes Tamil custom. He is chief executive officer at Conservation International, a global conservation organization working to protect the nature people around the world rely on for food, freshwater, and livelihoods.

Book Recommendations


by James Nestor

I’ve given away quite a few copies of James Nestor’s book, The Deep. That book is pretty damn good. It’s about free diving, which I knew nothing about. That was one of my birthday things. That was like two years ago. So, I thought I’ll try this free diving thing because I read Nestor’s book. And it’s amazing, the physiology of the human body and what it can do is amazing. So, I read this book. It’s about free diving, a very scary, it can be a very dangerous sport, but also an amazing sport because it completely changes the way you think about your body and what you’re capable of. And I thought this book inspired me. I’m going to go try and take a lesson in free diving.

Sanjayan Muttulingam, source
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Team of Teams

by Stanley McChrystal

Another book I really liked, a more recent book, is Stanley McChrystal’s Team of Teams. Completely different reason. Just a really clever, smart book about how to organize businesses and enterprises for today’s world. And he takes this experiential army in Afghanistan and brings it over to sort of your life or my life and makes it kind of relevant and meaningful. I found it very influential.

Sanjayan Muttulingam, source

A River Runs Through it and Other Stories

by Norman Maclean

Books that I’ve loved giving away, Norman McClain’s A River Runs Through It. I read that book in so many different ways, in so many pieces. It totally influenced my life in terms of fly fishing and finding magic in words and that quiet space.

Sanjayan Muttulingam, source