Tony Robbins

Author, Coach, Philanthropist, and Motivational Speaker

Tony Robbins is an author, coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including the books Unlimited Power (published in 1987) and Awaken the Giant Within (published in 1993).

Book Recommendations


by Carol S. Dweck

I was watching them deal with their kid, and I said, “You’ve got to go pick up Mindset by the Stanford University because you keep telling your kid how perfect they are, and you’re going to ruin them. Telling a kid that they’re perfect creates a frame of reference where they have to be a certain why as opposed to giving them the feedback because they put out the effort. Effort, they can control; who you are is a whole different component.

Tony Robbins, source
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The Fourth Turning

by William Strauss, Neil Howe

It’s just an extraordinary book to put your life in perspective. You learn some people freak out in the winter. Some people freeze to death; some people ski and snowboard, and how to take advantage of whatever season of life you’re in and how to utilize that to anticipate in your business and your life I find to be invaluable.

Tony Robbins, source

Man's Search for Meaning

by Viktor E. Frankl

It’s a book that people can read over and over again and get great value out of it, but Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl, to me, is just one of the great books ever written because we all, in our lives–the one things that’s in common for all human beings, regardless of your background or your economic position, good, bad, or indifferent, we’re all going to experience extreme stress in our life at some point.

Tony Robbins, source

As a Man Thinketh

by James Allen

Over the years, probably the most common books I’ve recommended are As a Man Thinketh by James Allen because when you think about the quality of peoples’ lives, it starts with what meaning we give things. Two people can have the same exact experience, and one person thinks it’s over, and one person thinks the game has begun. That is the difference that makes a difference in the quality of peoples’ lives. It’s not what happens to them, as we all know.

Tony Robbins, source